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Naturel Food Immune Booster Package [NU-LAX & MELROSE]

Naturel Food Immune Booster Package

[Naturel Food Immune Booster Package] Melrose Myrtle Green Slimming Vitamin C Powder + Melrose Myrtle Sleeping Beauty Powder + Melrose Myrtle Flax Seed Oil + nu-lax 500g Australian Fruit and Vegetable Cream Constipation Dietary Fiber Powder


“Melrose is such a trusted brand, we have the responsibility to produce the best product we possibly can and because we are the manufacturer, we can absolutely guarantee that.”

– Melrose Production Supervisor

“We have a strong Australian brand with a rich heritage, access to the best quality ingredients, our own in-house manufacturing, so we really have a great opportunity to be able to improve the health of not only Australians, but people around the world.”– Melrose International Sales Manager

"Our crusade will never be OVER. We’ll get told if we’re successful, the ultimate indicator is people using our products who know and love our brand, go seeking our brand, and give our brand credit for making their lives better, that’s how we’ll know if we’ve been successful.”– Melrose CEO